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Wendy Caverly

“If Your Actions Inspire Others To Dream More, Learn More, Do More and Become More, You Are a Leader…”


Caerusnet team member of the year 2014.

-Facilitator of the year 2015

-Facilitator of the year 2016

-South East Michigan’s Facilitator of the year 2017

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  • Introduction / Agenda
  • Caerusnet Referral Lesson
  • The Member Minutes
  • 10 Minute Key Member Presentation
  • Referral Success Stories
  • Member Bonding Time (optional)

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Caerusnet is celebrating 10 years in business!

Member Toolbox PDF

The Member Toolbox is the style guide for what Caerusnet stands for. It incorporates what you will gain from being a Caerusnet Member and what the network meetings consist of.

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Innovative Facilitated Referral Teams!

What My Meetings’s Consist Of!

My meetings are not your traditional networking meetings. I like to bring a lot of energy to the table to make sure my members are interested and engaged in the time we spend together. I pride myself on providing a positive and fun environment for my teams because even though it’s a business everyone still needs to have some fun!

“Wendy is an amazing referral
partner and she is a natural at
running her Caerusnet Teams! If
you are passionate about growing
your business, look no further!

Amy Marie

Caerusnet Howell

“Caerusnet is beyond lucky to
have Wendy Caverly on board.
She brings so much passion and
enthusiasm to the table and has
done so much for the company.”

Steve Zyskowski

Caerusnet CEO

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